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Residual Insecticides For Fly Control


D-Fense SC Insecticide

Use residual insecticides like D-Fense SC to spray entry points and the resting places to keep flies off these surfaces.


bifen it

Bifen IT Insecticide

Bifen It has a variety of uses as a broad sprectrum insecticide. It is great on mosquito control


Fly Light Traps

fly light traps

Fly Light Traps

Fly Light Traps are commonly used in non-food areas of restarants. They have special UV lights with a spectrum of light to attract flies and glue boards to catch them . Top recommendation is the Matrix II Four Season Light Trap.


Mosquito Control Products

mosquito dunks

We carry mosquito dunks and other mosquito control products for yards, recreational fields. We carry products for short term and long term mosquitocontrol.

How To Get Rid Of Flies

fruit flyGood Sanitation is the first step in all fly control programs. Flies lay eggs in warm and moist materials like garbage. Clean up garbage, rotten vegetables and fruits, human feces, etc. An adult fly can emerge in 7-10 days from an egg form. Along with a sanitation program, you can use insecticides, fly traps and fly bait.

Sanitation and Exclusion

Critical For Fly Control

  • Garbage Cans: Remove garbage frequently. Flies are attracted to decomposing meats and foods. Not only remove the garbage, but keep a tight fitting lid on the garbage cans. Flies are attracted to odors, as well. If a liner is not used in the garbage can, clean and disinfect the garbage.
  • Dumpsters: Clean dumpsters. Invade Bio Foam is a probiotic in a concentrated form to spray on garbage cans and trash dumpsters to eat away the organic debris left after the trash is removed.
  • Animals Droppings: Pick up droppings from pets and animals. Flies breed on excrement and stools, laying their eggs on it.
  • Dead Rodents and Birds: If you have a dead rodent or bird in an attic or between walls, they will decompose and attract flies. They will also produce maggots that will turn into flies.
  • Doors and Windows: Repair screens and keep doors closed. Close all possible entry points. Many restaurants use air doors or air curtains to regulate temperature; they will also help keep flies out.
  • Cover Exposed Food: Because flies can breed on organic material, like food, keep exposed food covered.
  • Indoor Plants & Watering: Gnats typically breed in over watered indoor plants. Keep the pots well drains.
  • Floor Drains and Floors: Remove food debris that may be hidden in corners, under tables and along base boards. Mopping and steam cleaning throughly will help remove the left over food. Floor drains are a very common problem in restaurants. Use Invade Bio Treatment Gel to pour into the drains. This probiotic will eat at the scum inside the drains.

Insecticides - Fly Traps - Fly Baits

The most important step in fly control is discovering their source and eliminating the breeding areas. You can use insectides, fly traps and fly baits. Many people use a combination of tools to get rid of flies.

Residual Insecticides

We recommend Cyper WP or D-Fense SC. All recommended residual insecticides can be mixed with water and have various pest control uses. The use of contact aerosols with pyrethrins can be used as a general space spray to kill flying insects in the air. Pyrethrins give only temporary control.

Fly Traps

We also carry various fly traps that can be used inside or outside. Fly Glue traps are popular as well as the Electronic Fly Light Traps.

Fly Baits

Fly baits are made with special lures to attract flies. Once they eat the bait, they will die very quickly. We recommend Bonanza Fly Bait. This granular fly bait contains imidacloprid that kills flies that are resistant to insecticides.

You can use it in fly bait stations, like the Apache Fly Bait Station by Starbar


House Flies: Common filth flies such as the House Fly, Blow Fly, Black Soldier Fly and Flesh Fly, you can spray residual insectides on their landing or resting areas. Also spray around windows and doors. There is a variety of residual insecticide concentrates that you could use. Use residual insecticides, fly baits, and traps.

Drain Flies: These small flies include the Fruit Flies, Phorid Flies, Drain Flies and Fungus Gnats. We have drain treatment gels, fruit fly traps, and aerosols to help you solve your small fly problems. As with the filth flies, these flies need to be eliminated at the source. Invade Bio Drain Treatment is a very effective, all natural way to combat Drain Flies.We carry a full line of drain fly treatment.

Mosquitoes: Cluster Flies, Mosquitoes, Stable Flies and Flesh Flies are nuisance and biting flies. Mosquito control is handled either by insect growth regulators, propane foggers outside, or residual insecticides sprayed on the lawns.

Bifen It is our top recommendation for mosquito control on the lawns. Mix 1/2 ounce - 1 ounce per gallon of water, it will cover roughly 500- 1000 square feet. Apply once a month. We have both long -term solutions and short term solutions for mosquito control.

Spray for Cluster Flies and other overwintering insects during the fall months on the south and southwestern walls of your home. This would prevent them from emerging from the inside during the spring months. We recommend D-Fense SC Insecticide.

Bio Treatments For Drain Flies

invade fly

Invade Bio Drain Treatment

Treatment for Drain Flies to eat the scum in the drains (where the flies are breeding).

Fly Baits

fly baits

Bonanza Fly Bait

Place fly baits outside, away from buildings. Bonanza Fly Bait kills quickly.


Fogging Materials

vector ban plus

Vector Ban Plus

Vector Ban Plus is used for mosquito misting systems. We carry a variety of pyrethrins and other fogging materials as well.


Contact Aerosols

cb 80

CB 80 Aerosol

Use aerosols with pyrethrins to kill flies on contact in the air. This is not a long term solution, but will give you immediate relief.
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